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RG Media is a subsidiary of Roadgrip, which specializes in the international delivery of surface solutions & construction services on airfields, race tracks, highways and public environments. Roadgrip Motorsport is a global organization that has set the standard for creativity and visual design.

We are a trusted partner of Formula 1, MotoGP and other racing series.

RG Media, together with Roadgrip’s global reach and experience with airports and OOH branding concepts, is poised to revolutionize airport and OOH advertising. Through mutually beneficial and meaningful partnerships with airports seeking to generate non-aeronautical revenue, RG Media seeks to offer advertisers first-class branding opportunities and airport passengers with a visually enhanced experience without compromising the architectural design integrity of our partner airports.


To provide creative design and branding opportunities to advertisers in airports around the world via a boutique-style airport advertising concessionaire.

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