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RG Media works with airports wishing to take their airport advertising programs in-house, or seeking audits of their current advertising programs, or considering a boutique-style advertising concessionaire who can offer a nimble, strategic approach to building, selling, and maintaining an exemplary advertising program.

Our global customers include airports and fixed-base operators (FBOs). We partner with airport owners, investors, airport authorities, and airport commercial management who wish to run their own in-house advertising.


Nimble, strategic solutions for airports seeking a better way forward – either through an in-house program, or through a mutual partnership with a boutique-style firm agile enough to manage an airport advertising concession and increase non-aeronautical revenue. Aside from ensuring our team is flexible, responsive, and able to meet short deadlines, we will take the following steps to support consulting services:

Maintain only airport advertising/OOH/airport management

experts on staff

Ensure account team members engage customers with timely project updates

Develop relationships with local subcontractors who will support all areas of asset design and production

Utilize vendors who understand airport / OOH advertising and protocols for working in high-security areas

As a privately-held company, we answer to our clients – not to stockholders

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